EU proposes tighter rules for exporting trophies

Trophy Free EU Group and 22 other international wildlife protection organisations urge the environmental ministers to strengthen international trade controls for hunting trophies. EU has submitted a proposal for consideration at the Conference of the Parties (CoP17) to the CITES starting this Friday. The proposal includes significant improvements regarding international trade of trophies.

Organisations urge the representatives of the EU to defend the key elements of its submission in negotiations with other parties. They also urge the European Union to implement all aspects of the proposal internally, regardless of the outcomes of the conference.

The proposal includes significant improvements on rules for the trade of hunting trophies. EU suggests, for instance, tighter criteria on importing trophies regarding species listed in CITES Appendices I and II, thus classified as the most endangered species. The proposal also suggests restrictions on the trade of species that are listed in EU legislation as ones needing protection. Furthermore, the proposal demands the Parties that export trophies to issue export permits only for species that have sustainable populations according to scientifically reliable knowledge.

Signatory organisations also remind decision makers that whenever there is any doubt of the origin of a hunting trophy import permits are not to be issued.

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