The US Banned Trophies of Canned Lion Hunting – We should act too

The US Fish and Wildlife Service made a decision to ban hunting trophies of captive South-African lions. The decision was due immediately, the 20th October. Earlier, the US had tightened the import of wild lion trophies. Australia, France and Netherlands have also taken a stricter policy on importing trophies. The decision is important because most […]

EU proposes tighter rules for exporting trophies

Trophy Free EU Group and 22 other international wildlife protection organisations urge the environmental ministers to strengthen international trade controls for hunting trophies. EU has submitted a proposal for consideration at the Conference of the Parties (CoP17) to the CITES starting this Friday. The proposal includes significant improvements regarding international trade of trophies. Organisations urge […]

The Blood Lions document in the Parlament’s Visitor’s Centre on 11.5.2016.

The Blood Lions document was shown in the Parlament’s Visitor’s Centre on 11.5.2016. The event was open for all members of the Parliament and visitors. Trophy hunting raised a lot of questions among the participants of the panel discussion held after the film. Emma Kari, the vice chairwoman of the Parliament’s animal protection group, Birgitta […]

Eu Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking

In February 24th, Heini Kaasalainen, VP of Trophy Free Group attended an event in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Neena Gill on behalf of Born Free Foundation. The focus of the discussion was on trophy hunting and how possible restrictions could work. The event was also preparation for the CITES Conference which will be […]